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Volleyball Defensive Systems

Middle-Middle Defense

This defensive system has middle-back play half way between the end line and the 10 ft line and half way between the sidelines. The player stays there and turns to face the attacker. Base defense for the wing defenders is 2×2 (two steps in from the sideline and two steps back from the 10 ft line). The wing defenders may stay there or move from their base defense depending on what gets set and what they see. If the outside hitter of the opposing team shows that they are swinging and can not hit 12-15 feet down the sideline, then right-back would back up and move to be arm distance from the sideline. Off blockers play defense 10 ft into the court and 10 ft off the net.

Rotation Defense

This defensive system has the line defender move up to the 10 ft line to play for the tip. Middle-back then rotates over toward the line defender that is covering the tip. The other back-row defender rotates over towards the middle of the court. The off-blocker pulls off to behind the 10 ft line to defend a sharp cross-court swing. If the outside hitter is attacking on the opposing team, right back moves up for the tip. Middle-back rotates to the right, left-back rotates to the right as well and left-front comes off to left-back to defend.Perimeter- This defensive system has each player move backwards to their respective sideline or end line to play defense. Middle-back stands on the end line in the middle of the court, left-back stands on the left sideline, etc. Off blockers pull off the net to the 10 ft line.

Middle-Up Defense

This defensive system has middle-back move up to the 10 ft line and left-back and right-back move back towards their respective corners to play defense. Off blockers pull off the net to the 10 ft line.

Perimeter Defense

Defensive players start on the sidelines and end-line. The theory behind this system is it's easier to move toward the center of the court than away from the center of the court. This system has the potential to move defenders away from where balls land most (in the middle of the court) so we don't recommend it for most levels.

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