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Coach Your Brains Out Podcast
Meet the Hosts

Coach Your Brains Out founders Billy Allen and John Mayer have produced a new podcast episode every week for 5 consecutive years.  Pretty impressive!  Both Mayer and Allen have impressive resumes on the beach, winning AVP and FIVB championships.  Recently, Mayer has had tremendous success as the head coach of the LMU beach program in Southern California.  We are grateful for their continuing efforts in coaching education.  If you'd like to support those efforts, you can donate to the show below.   

John Mayer

Head Coach, LMU Women's Beach Volleyball, Former AVP and FIVB Professional, Co-Founder of Coach Your Brains Out Podcast.

Billy Allen

Current AVP and FIVB Professional Beach Volleyball Player and Co-Founder of the Coach Your Brains Out Podcast.

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