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Whole Training

This is one of the original “articles” from our old website; we are reposting the entire series here on our blog.

Dr. Steve Bain, a longtime friend of GMS and quite a smart guy in his own right, has written an article for publication in Volleyball Magazine. His summary of the article:

“On behalf of my Co-Author, Dr. Carl McGown, please find attached our manuscript titled, “Motor Learning Principles and the Superiority of Whole Training in Volleyball”. This manuscript is being submitted to Coaching Volleyball Magazine as a response to “Whole vs. Part Training”, which was published in the 2010 April/May issue. The primary aim of this submission is to offer the volleyball coaching community an educational and evidence-based rebuttal of the opinions presented in the Weitl article. Fulfilling this aim requires extensive documentation and substantial references to the motor learning literature and we are hopeful that you will find this effort an important and timely contribution to the journal. The manuscript submission includes an image of the, “Facts Not Opinions” inscription, which is etched in the stone facade over the doorway to Kirkaldy’s museum in London. Please consider using this figure as an introduction to our manuscript.”