• Gold Medal Squared

USA vs. Tunisia!

Our last preliminary round match starts in an hour versus Tunisia.  If you saw Tunisia play you would see that they are much better than their 0-4 record indicates.  They have a few players who can unload on the ball and they are scrappy on defense.  They play hard all the time and certainly play as if they have nothing to lose—which they don’t at this point.

Today we went to practice at our USOC facility which is right across the street from the Leyton Orient Football Club, a 3rd division team in England.  It’s a nice set up with an FIVB regulation court with the official flooring.  Boxing and archery are also sharing, so we are careful not to pick any fights.  (Initially we thought that archery would be training during our practices with their targets on the other side of our court from where they were shooting, but the USOC identified that problem early on and put the kibosh on it.  That’s not the kind of cross training we are looking for.)

After practice we were back in the Village for a video session, then the boys had about 4 hours to rest before departing for the match.

Tune in for USA vs. Tunisia!

Rob Browning