• Gold Medal Squared

Update From London

Our Men’s team is off to a very good start with 3-0 wins over Serbia and Germany—two very good teams that our team was able to make look average at times.  Our next test comes against Brazil, who beat Russia in 3 straight yesterday.  We are the two undefeated teams in our group now.

If you watched our match yesterday against Germany you saw some unbelievable defensive plays by our team.   The boys scrapped and turned potential scrambles into attack situations that we converted at a high percentage.  We played great volleyball!

Today we board a USOC shuttle to the High Performance Training Center, a USOC operation at the University of East London, Docklands campus.  Since Athens the USOC has made agreements with universities to upgrade and use their facilities for our athletes.  It enables our athletes to train at the times they want and need with all the amenities and resources that make a big difference in helping USA athletes be prepared to perform at their very best.

Later today USA Volleyball is hosting a reception for all USAV family and friends of athletes.  It is at the USA House, which is a swanky set up at the Royal College of Art Kensington, right next to Royal Albert Hall.

Later tonight the team will watch video of Brazil and they will be ready to go for tomorrow.

Be sure to watch the women’s team play China tonight (or whatever time it will show in the US).  I watched them play Brazil the other night—first time I had watched them play in person this quad—and was duly impressed.  They are a force!

Go USA!!

Rob Browning