• Dave Neeley

Ten Things '21 #10 - Baylor's Back Row Attack

10 Baylor - Back Row Attack

Gold Medal Squared is taking a look back at some of the standout systems and styles of play that helped teams be successful in 2021, one of which was the deployment of a Back Court Attack by the Baylor Bears. In this episode, we talk with Baylor Head Coach Ryan McGuyre about his offensive system and what benefits he has seen as his program has grown over the past season. We also hear from some of the nation's standout coaches in Luka Slabe (NC State/ USA Women's National Team), Heather Olmstead (BYU), and Jaylen Reyes (Nebraska) on their thoughts of Baylor's offense; why was it a suitable offense for the team to run and whether or not we should see more teams implement this style of volleyball that is often common on the International stage.

The breakdown:

We look specifically at how a team's back-row attack, combined with a variety of front-row attacking options, can benefit the team's offense as a whole. We also look at the importance of having pin-to-pin attacking options in as many rotations as possible, and what type of athlete is needed to be able to run the system effectively. The group also discusses how a back row attacking option can be helpful in transition situations, especially if the Front Row Outside Spiker is playing tip coverage within the defensive system.

Our panel also discuss how coaches can use rep time effectively to train the backcourt attacking, even through warm-up drills such as Exchange, and how these drills will not only allow athletes to understand the timings involved in backcourt attacks but also improve hitting range and power whilst encouraging athletes to hit deep. They also take a look at the importance of the last 2 steps when training the backcourt attack, and how a 2nd or 3rd step tempo can be effective depending on the style of your attackers.

Bonus content:

  • How to create Dragons and not Moths in your Gym

  • How European volleyball differs from the US in viewing the Back Court Attack

  • Why coaches should always be looking to find ways to complement their system whilst staying within a simple structure

So, do you think volleyball has evolved to a point where players need to start to learn to play all the way around? Do you think the Back Court attack is going to become more prevalent in NCAA Women’s Volleyball? Do you think that young athletes should be given more opportunities to learn how to attack from the Back Row from a young age?