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Midline Passing -

The demands of the game determine where the ball is passed more than a coaches cue

Left is right, right is wrong was designed for S/R formations

We see juniors forcing midline which isn’t what we advocate for.

Demands of the skill override coaching

Seeking effectiveness, no ego

Challenges with passing data? Nate

Lots of chatter about midline passing, lots coming from USA

Give them love

Make themselves available

Symantic are a problem

We agree with a lot but disagree with some

That’s ok

Is healthy

Challenging beliefs is healthy

No science is settled science

Define midline. Passing positions between the shoulders will just happen.

Picking a side goes against everything the body is designed to. It’s a counter productive key that comes with tremendous ambiguity

Karch says he never was told to pass on his midline, but certainly he passed plenty of balls on us midline. The game is the game. Nobody needs to be told to pass on their midline, the game will force them to. Nobody needs to be told to pass off their midline, the game will force them to. Certain nobody needs to be told to pass a ball 1-2 inches to either side of their midline. The game will take care of that.

We all have our own experiences, we don’t have to agree on every detail. That’s normal and perfectly healthy. We will certainly change with different info Euro that we met with data It’s about responsibilities As get older ecological sets in more Telling a player to pass one or two inches off midline or to avoid midline all together is counter productive and contradicts the body responding to the demands of the game List the downsides of the passing data we do have. Trajectory, certain angles, etc. ask Nate

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