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How One School's Team Thrived After Loss of Their Gym

One of our GMS teams recently wrote to us to share their experience after the loss of their practice facility. We love doing the kind of work that creates true connections with our clients. Read the story of how their community and volleyball family rallied together to keep the team in the gym.


When an F-3 tornado took out our entire campus on Easter Sunday 2020, we found ourselves without a facility and, therefore, possibly a team, overnight. The Athletic Director from our district rival's team reached out and graciously shared his facility with us; he even offered to rearrange schedules so that we could use their gym as our 'home court' for games, if needed. He also allowed us to have our GMS Camp there.

Meanwhile, a local church volunteered to house our entire K-12th grade school in their church building until our campus is rebuilt (estimates are 18 months). Along with that came their gym, which they were going to allow us to drill volleyball pole holes in, and Sports Imports volunteered to come drill the holes.

Excitement turned back to anxiousness when we got the blueprint of the building, though - there were only 8 inches of concrete before they’d be drilling through the ceiling below. When this was discovered, Sports Imports didn’t just back away and leave; they stuck with us until we had a plan in place, and assisted in connecting us with other contacts that could possibly help. Prater’s Flooring heard about what was going on, and they jumped in, telling us we had nothing to worry about. They were eager to take care of it, and ensured the team that we would have a space to play our quickly approaching season. They graciously loaned us two portable net systems that were in their storage (due to COVID-19 canceling club tournaments). When they saw the floor in the gymnasium, they said, “Our portable net systems will tear up that floor - but don't worry, we are going to install an awesome, new floor for you." Completely in awe, we started getting permission from the church to start the process and, 4 weeks later, we had shiny new floors and beautiful volleyball courts, along with awesome portable net systems.

Many prayers were answered and anticipation fills the air as The Lady Golden Eagles Volleyball Team is looking to the future with hope and excitement for our upcoming season - a season that was kick-started by a Gold Medal Squared camp and support from GMS staff, who have remained extremely patient and supportive throughout this crazy ride. GMS, FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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