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How Good Are You Going to Become?

“To reach a goal you have never before attained, you must do what you have never before done.”  R G Scott

Coaches, here is a message I think we need to communicate clearly and repeatedly to our athletes:

The question is not how good are you now. The question is: How good are you going to become?  However good or great you might be now, the more important thing is that YOU ARE GOING TO BE EVEN BETTER.

Are you a college senior with only months remaining in your collegiate career?  Are you a junior in high school who wants to play in college?  Regardless of where you are in your career, YOU MUST GET BETTER!

Consider the concepts in this thought-provoking quote:

“Simply wanting it badly enough is not enough.  Deliberate practice requires a mind-set of never, ever, being satisfied with your current ability.  It requires a constant self-critique, a pathological restlessness, a passion to aim consistently just beyond one’s capability so that daily disappointment and failure is actually desired, and a never-ending resolve to dust oneself off and try again and again and again.” David ShenkThe Genius in All of Us

Ponder what it says and what it means.

Have you reached all your volleyball goals?  Let’s hope not.

If you are working hard and you are mindful in your work and you are improving, DO NOT STOP.  Not even for a short time.

If you are about to join a high school or college program, let that inspire you to work harder.  Be sure not to relax or become complacent. The next phase is a beginning, not a finish line.

Your coach expects you to improve every day, every month, and every year.  Including today!

Carpe diem!

Rob Browning – Gold Medal Squared

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