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From BYU to GMS: Heather Olmstead Joins GMS Advisory Staff

Heather Olmstead Joins GMS Advisory Staff

Are you someone who believes Gold Medal Squared is only suited for the men’s game? Were you concerned GMS didn’t have enough female leadership? Well, 2018 is a year for change. Please join us in welcoming BYU Women’s Head Coach, Heather Olmstead, to the new GMS Advisory Staff lineup.

“I love that GMS is founded off sound principles that allow coaches to build their systems around the abilities of their current players. They incorporate the principles of motor learning to make training simple and repeatable.  I really enjoy the people associated with the GMS team and think it’s important to surround yourself with greatness.  They make me a better coach and person!” -Heather Olmstead, BYU Women’s Volleyball Head Coach and GMS Advisory Staff Member

GMS co-founder, and former BYU Men’s Head Coach, Chris McGown is excited to welcome Heather Olmstead to the Gold Medal Squared Advisory Staff:

“Two of Heather’s personality traits that stand out to me are that she’s fiercely competitive and completely humble. Heather doesn’t care about being right, she just wants to be good. Like so many other great coaches, she wants to learn, get better and wants to be the best she can be for her athletes. While I can’t sing her praises enough, I love Heather’s strong emotional connection to the kids in her program.  Her deep love for her players can be masked by her intensity, but all of Heather’s drive comes from wanting to be a great coach for these athletes.”

Heather first learned about GMS in 2000 when given the opportunity to coach 10 straight weeks of summer camps with our organization. McGown states, “I’m excited for our clients to get to know her better and see what a great model she is for continual learning and improvement.”

BYU and Before

Prior to BYU, Heather served as assistant coach at the University of Utah from 2006-2010, and at her alma mater from 2003-2005. Olmstead played for Utah State as a four-year starting Libero from 1998 to 2001, was the only libero named to the United States Professional Volleyball Team in 2002, and played for the European Professional Volleyball League in 2003.

The Future of GMS with Heather Olmstead

When asked what vision she has for Gold Medal Squared and the future of volleyball, Olmstead replied:

“I see GMS continuing to inspire coaches and athletes to embrace the growth mindset and process of getting better.  I hope volleyball continues to grow all across the country so we have many young women and men who are learning to love the game of volleyball.”

A little known fact about Heather is that she is the 4th of 7 siblings in her family, and has been strongly impacted by her two parents, Rick and Trudy.

“My parents have been two of the most influential people in my volleyball career.  My dad grew up playing volleyball and was a high school and college coach.  He showed me how to love volleyball and taught me how to work hard.  My mom has always been supportive and always believed in me.“

No doubt Heather’s familial ties have driven her to success, but it was professional influences from International Hall of Famer, Kathy Gregory, and late Gold Medal Squared Founder, Carl McGown, who shaped her coaching career. Heather believes that If you want to be great at anything in life you are going to have to work hard for it; and if she had any words of wisdom for future players or coaches in volleyball, it is to, “make sure you are working hard at the right things.  Ask a lot of questions and be open to learning from others about how to keep your focus, and just keep getting better.”

What’s New at GMS?

If you’re interested in meeting Heather, stay up-to-date with the coaching lineups on our Coaches Clinic Dates and Locations page. Wondering what else is coming down the pipe? Stay tuned on the Gold Medal Squared website for updates regarding new toolbox upgrades and our first ever series of online courses set to launch this Spring! 

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