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Tom Black, GMS Advisory Staff

Gold Medal Squared is proud to welcome Tom Black to our Advisory Staff.  Tom is the Head Coach for the Loyola Marymount University, Women’s Volleyball program.  Read his bio here:

http://www.lmulions.com/sports/w-volley/mtt/black_tom00.html.  Gold Medal Squared has been fortunate to have a long standing relationship with Tom Black and we’re proud to expand upon that relationship.

“Tom Black is one of the great young coaches in our profession, and he will only get better because he has a relentless desire to study and understand coaching.  We at GMS are fortunate to have Tom as part of our Advisory Staff.” – Carl McGown

“Tom is absolutely a student of the game – he works to understand not only the science behind the mechanics and systems, but the psychology of players and coaches as well.  He is constantly testing and examining the why behind everything he does, and we are excited to have is contributions now be a part of what GMS communicates to our clients.  He is passionate about volleyball – we are fortunate to have him on our Advisory Staff, and look forward to learning from his experiences.” – Chris McGown

“I am honored to become a part of the advisory staff at GMS.  This is an organization, founded by Dr. Carl McGown, which has enriched my knowledge of the principles and science behind learning, teaching, and coaching beyond measure.  As coaches, the relationships we forge, and the development we help to create, is the sum component of our job.  I am excited to contribute to the process of learning and improving within the profession so many of us have committed our lives to.” – Tom Black

Tom has been a guest clinician at several of our coaching clinics, he has mentored and trained several GMS camp coaches, he’s helped several of our camp clients win state championships, and has regularly contributed to our blog.

You can read his blog posts below:




We think Tom has an incredibly bright future in the world of coaching, and we look forward to partnering with Tom throughout the journey.