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Don’t Cry That It’s Over

I think this is one of the most perfect quotes for many of us: “Don’t cry that it’s over. Smile that it happened.”  It’s been attributed to Dr. Seuss, but it’s not confirmed. Which isn’t to say it’s not a powerful statement. Last Friday, our team played Oklahoma in the 1st Round of the NCAA Tournament. This is the first post-season experience for our athletes and the programs first appearance since 2006. We finished tied with Cal for 6th place in the PAC 12. Our 20 wins is the most since 1993 – which was my junior year of college. Our season ended in a 5 game loss to Oklahoma. Down 2-1, we won the fourth and lead 11-9 in the fifth game. It was a heartbreaking loss for a team that had given everything for each other. They so desperately wanted their season to continue another match, and even another weekend. This group just really enjoyed the process and identified so strongly with a sense of team. As a coach, entering the locker room, you know the scene – tears, heads hang low, disappointment on everyone’s face. It’s a tough scene. There is so much to celebrate about the season, but now’s not the time. All I could think of is “don’t cry that it’s over. Smile that it happened.” I look forward to getting to share some of what we learnt this season at a couple of GMS Clinics. Happy to be of any help.

Jason Watson – Arizona State Women’s Volleyball