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Courtney Thompson Joins GMS Advisory Staff

Courtney Thompson Joins The GMS Advisory Staff

Gold Medal Squared (GMS) is pleased to announce their partnership with Courtney Thompson as a member of their Volleyball Advisory Staff.  Courtney Thompson is an accomplished athlete:

  1. Two-Time Olympic Medalist (2012 Silver, 2016 Bronze)

  2. 2014 World Champion

  3. 2005 NCAA National Champion

She is also one of the founders of the Give It Back Foundation, an organization that raises money for local charities; and currently works as a mindset coach with both her alma mater, the University of Washington, and Compete to Create, a culture accelerant company founded by Coach Pete Carroll and Dr. Michael Gervais.

GMS Staff Raves About Courtney Thompson Addition

“Having Courtney at our events over the past year has been an incredible treat for our attendees.  She brings humility, enthusiasm, energy, and curiosity in a way that completely connects her with the audience.  Her inclusion on our Advisory Staff ensures that we’ll get to see even more of her, and that her talents are more fully integrated into what we teach.   Every day you get to spend with Courtney is a great day, and I’m thrilled that more coaches will get direct access to her experience.”

Chris McGown, Gold Medal Squared Co-Founder

“I'm excited to have Courtney as a part of our staff for so many reasons. First of all, she just has this amazing energy; it’s infectious. She delivers amazing messages through her volleyball experiences, and we couldn’t have picked a better individual with more knowledge about the game to help relate to what high school and club coaches do.”

Mike Wall, USA Men’s Volleyball Assistant Coach

What Get’s Courtney Thompson Fired Up?

When asked what excites Courtney Thompson the most about her involvement with Gold Medal Squared, Thompson responded: 

“I hope that we’re empowering every kid with the tools and knowledge to be their best, so they can enjoy the pursuit of what’s possible; and the best way to do that is to empower coaches to do the same.”

Gold Medal Squared is thrilled to nurture a partnership with such an accomplished and inspiring person, and has every faith that Thompson will bring an undaunting enthusiasm to GMS, as she does in every other area of her life.

Founded in 1985, Gold Medal Squared is the worldwide leader in volleyball education and innovation.  Over 1000 programs at every level have won championships using the principles learned at Gold Medal Squared events.

Would you like to be a part of the GMS experience? Contact us at info@goldmedalsquared.com Park City, UT January 2018

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