• Gold Medal Squared

Coaching Rollercoaster

The BYU Women played their first home matches this weekend (and therefore as the volunteer assistant I was able to be on the bench) and while we went 2 and 1, we lost a close 5 game match to K-State on the last night.

At some point in his career, the NFL QB (and BYU grad) Steve Young said something to the effect of “the pain of losing is much more intense than the joy of winning” (I can’t find the exact quote). My experience has been the same – I mull over and let a defeat stay with me emotionally much longer than a victory. But I think there are two good things that come out of this:

– First, it can sharpen your resolve as a coach to do more, to be better, to prepare more completely so that you don’t lose again. I told the kids after the loss to remember how they felt right now and to use that in practice this week to drive themselves harder. I think we can do the same thing as coaches.

– Second, isn’t that passionate component a big reason why we are involved in competitive sports, even as a coach? There are few other professions that allow such high highs and low lows. I love that I get to FEEL something about a job, that it can manipulate my emotions.

The good news is that we played pretty well this weekend and did some great things. We have some concrete areas where we can get better, so practice can be fairly focused on those areas and we can really address our shortcomings. The other good news is that I find I am still having a great time.