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Coaching is Hard

This post is certainly long overdue. As such, I’m going to combine a couple of different topics into one post. You will forgive me, but like many of you, I’m deep into preparing for a season with considerable promise.

Club Coaching is Hard I coached an 18’s club team is past club season. I learned a lot about coaching and the club volleyball scene. Those of you who club coach, and successfully manage the many demands, you have my deepest respect. It’s not easy. I don’t think college coaches have any idea of the complexity of what you do on any given practice, tournament or 3 day weekend qualifier.

A such, I promise I’ll never coach club again.

We are service providers One of the biggest confirmations of coaching as a service provider is the club volleyball scene. The consumer has a choice at the end of the club season – do we come back to the same club, or move to another club? Much of this is decided before the current club season is over and is influenced by other club athletes and their parents. I recently attended a presentation by Disney on their philosophy on customer service. It turns out that it’s expensive for a family of five to attend one of Disney’s theme parks for the day. So the first person they see once they enter the park better be excited to see them.

Shouldn’t we as coaches be excited to see our athletes when they enter the gym. Shame on any coach that wishes they coached orphans. We should strive to be the best service providers to our athletes.

Score! I don’t think even Usain Bolt is capable of flipping the score fast enough to satisfy some people at club tournaments.

Coaching Community I continue to be amazed at the level of access coaches within volleyball have with their coaching peers. This might be unique to volleyball – I don’t know as I haven’t asked other coaches. I’ve seen college coaches give freely of their time to other coaches. I’ve seen fellow coaches, who compete against one another with passion, then talk about their systems with mutual respect. It really is a great sport we coach.

Hopefully I’m not speaking out of turn, but I’m confident if you emailed any of the staff at GMS you would get an answer to your question in a timely manner. So if you do have a question, go ahead and email Tom Black and let me know how long it takes for him to get back to you.

A quote I shared this quote with one of my OH’s today in practice – “Our doubts are traitors And make us lose the good we oft might win By fearing to attempt” – Shakespeare.

So as we begin a new season, good luck. May each of us have a team full of “trees” – The Giving Tree

Jason Watson – Arizona State Volleyball