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Club Volleyball Clinics

Private Club Volleyball Clinics

This past weekend we were very privileged to have Carl McGown in our gym to run a volleyball clinic for our club coaches. Although our club has been GMS certified for several years now, we asked Carl to come run a clinic which would afford our veteran volleyball coaches the opportunity to brush up and our rookie coaches the opportunity to learn from the best in the business.

We started in the classroom with a very thorough explanation of the scientific and statistical research done to help our coaches understand the basis for the GMS approach to the game of volleyball.

With that part being finished, we went into the gym, the coaches laced up their sneakers and Carl ran us through a variety of volleyball drills and keys to help us be even more proficient in our ability to teach fundamentals to our kids. We covered keys on passing, hitting, serving, blocking, individual defense and setting.

We finished out the weekend with Carl writing a practice plan on the white board which showed us all the elements needed for a competitive and dynamic practice session. The coaches worked through the three hour practice doing all the pre-practice activities, position tutoring, small groups and six v six games.

I can’t say enough good about the value of GMS volleyball clinics. Typically, we teach and coach the things we were taught when we played. Coaching volleyball is hard, and this clinic challenges us to think outside the box and be accountable for the practice time we get with our teams. Special thanks to Carl for sharing his knowledge and wisdom.

Scott Doan