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Arizona Success Story

I received this email from Sheri Bain, head coach of Northland Preparatory Academy in Flagstaff Arizona.  Sheri and her staff host our high school volleyball camps up in Flagstaff.  Their coaching staff also attended our clinic at Arizona State University this past January. I asked Sheri if we could share her story in our blog, and she kindly gave us permission…

“I was looking back through our information from the AIA website, and found some interesting information that supports the GMS concepts that we have been teaching our girls. Three years ago (I was still the JV coach), our season record for the Varsity team was 2-14. That following spring I attended a GMS coaches camp, and had GMS come to our gym at the end of the summer. My first year as Varsity coach, and the first season after the GMS camp, our record was 8-10. Last year, after attending coaches camp, and having GMS in our gym once again, our record was 12-5! SO COOL! I also believe that training all of our coaches at the GMS camps has had a significant affect on our program by starting the same methodologies with our MS girls.

Thanks for all of your help!”

Sheri Bain Northland Preparatory Academy