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8th Grade Success!

Coaching 8th Graders

We receive a lot of questions from coaches who work with Junior High athletes (or younger). Often times coaches wonder if the way they coach should change based on age and gender. Clearly different age groups and genders require different styles from an emotional standpoint. However, from a teaching standpoint not much changes. You can use GMS keys with Olympic athletes or 7th graders. This week we received an email from a clinic client that confirms just that……

“As 7th graders in 2009, my team finished 5-4. I attended the GMS training in Seattle in May of 2010. When my team began practicing, as 8th graders, I introduced new passing, setting, and hitting keys. In addition, I introduced the cauldron and you were right, they don’t want to stop playing. We ended the season at 8-1 tied for first in the league. I am convinced it is because I became a much better coach using GMS methods.”

Ron thanks for sharing your story with us!